Tilting head back causes shoulder pain

When sitting a chair with back against a backrest, tilting the head back may cause a feeling of pain, soreness in the shoulder. This may be due to pinched nerve, and what you have done (tilting head back) is in fact one of the exercise to relieve the pinched nerve eventually. There are several other exercises to relief the pinched nerve in the shoulder which involves stretching other parts of the body indirectly. Check out the relevant posts below: In [...]

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Unable to Change Voices in Microsoft Text-To-Speech Settings

This article discusses a current issue with changing voice settings in Microsoft Windows 10, which do not activate the newly selected voice. Many of us use Microsoft Text-To-Speech feature to listen to documents and books, instead of just reading the words with our eyes alone. Some says that reading and listening to the text at the same time, may help us understand or memorize the content better. I would say this is a good help sometimes when we are tired [...]

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How to view PDF in night mode or invert black and white?

Some of us prefer to read PDF documents in night mode or to invert the colors so that the screen is not so glaring, i.e. black background with white text. During our search for answers, we found some websites proposing to use high contrast mode in Windows. The problem is that this may invert every other applications in Windows as well. There is an easier and faster way to change it inside Adobe Reader or Acrobat itself without affecting other [...]

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Generate Business Ideas

When deciding what new businesses to undertake, some people will explore and make use of their current resources, experience, skills or even assets. For example, some interior designers started by working for bigger companies as their first few jobs. After they have accumulated several years of experience and customer base, they may decide to leave and setup their own interior design company. If this is not possible for some reason, then there is a need to look around for new [...]

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List of Digital Goods That Sell or Make Money

Why should anyone consider selling virtual, digital goods? Selling digital goods have many advantages over tangible goods. In general, they do not have issues such as inventory control, expiry dates, shipping and returns, or unexpected damages, warranty issues, etc. They will never get lost as they are saved in the buyer's account, or stored in their mobile phone or computer. The following lists should be self-explanatory which require much explanation. If you do need explanation, then please search Google for [...]

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