How to view PDF in night mode or invert black and white?

Some of us prefer to read PDF documents in night mode or to invert the colors so that the screen is not so glaring, i.e. black background with white text. During our search for answers, we found some websites proposing to use high contrast mode in Windows. The problem is that this may invert every other applications in Windows as well. There is an easier and faster way to change it inside Adobe Reader or Acrobat itself without affecting other programs.

1) Click <Menu> on the top menu.
2) At the bottom of the dropdown, click <Preferences>.
3) In the pop-up window, find and click <Accessibility>.
4) The right side pane will show <Document Color Options>.
5) Select <Custom Color> and set:

Page Background: Black
Document Text: White

6) To get black background and pure white color for the text, deselect the box <Only change the color of the black text or line art>
7) After this, click OK to close the pop-up window. Then its done.

You may also select any other colors that you wish, e.g. dark grey background with green text. Some recommend green colors are good for the eyes, but its up to you.

We hope the above solution is useful for you, enjoy!

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