Unable to Change Voices in Microsoft Text-To-Speech Settings

This article discusses a current issue with changing voice settings in Microsoft Windows 10, which do not activate the newly selected voice.

Many of us use Microsoft Text-To-Speech feature to listen to documents and books, instead of just reading the words with our eyes alone. Some says that reading and listening to the text at the same time, may help us understand or memorize the content better. I would say this is a good help sometimes when we are tired or lack of focus due to noises around us, so it helps when the computer can read out the text for us while we rest our eyes, for example. It may also help when we are doing something else, and prefer to listen to the book rather than reading.

The Microsoft Text-To-Speech feature is free and is included in Adobe Reader, Kindle reading app (Windows), and Microsoft Office. It includes voices from different nationality which can be downloaded, for example English includes US, UK or even Australian versions. You can also decide whether to listen to male or female voices.

Recently, we tried to change from the default “David” voice to “Zira” in new Microsoft Windows 10 Control Panel setting, but the application’s Text-To-Speech still plays using “David”. The trick which we found in the forums, was to use the classic control panel in Microsoft Windows 10.

You can access this function by pressing pressing the following keys:
<Windows> + <R>

After this, it will pop-up this Run window, and you type:

“control /name Microsoft.TextToSpeech”

Windows Run
Windows Run

This will open up the classic window where you can select the voices for Zira. Apparently, it does not include some other voices that we have in the new Control Panel Text-To-Speech, which we are unsure why. Nevertheless, if you are just trying to switch from a male voice to a female voice, this could be a quick solution for now – until Microsoft solve the issue!

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