On 4th August 2021, Forbes published a news that Rihanna has become a billionaire and she is worth  1.7 billion. Currently, she is the richest female musician in the world, and is second only to Oprah Winsfrey.

However, the bulk of her fortune comes from anything except music:

Fenty Beauty – a cosmetic company joint venture with LVMH, where she has a 50% stake according to Forbes that is worth $1.4 billion.
Savage x Fenty – a lingerie company where she has a stake estimated at $0.27 billion.

In total, there is $1.67 billion in value coming from businesses, whereas music only contributed $30 million ($0.3 billion)  – so it seems, but not really. As a famous musician, she attracted a huge following on social media with 101 million followers on Instagram and 102.5 million on Twitter. She became a mega influencer as a musician and the partnership with LVMH is a catalyst for the business boom. Her cosmetics were also sold in LVMH’s Sephora stores.

So what is the trick here:

  1. Become famous (in the right way)
  2. Get alot of followers on Social Media, and become a mega influencer.
  3. Sell products to your followers by influencing them.