It is interesting to see how the internet landscape has been changing over the past 25 years. New top sites arised every few years while some former top sites almost appear to have been forgotten. Perhaps they still serve the same or more internet traffic, however, there has also been a significant increase in internet users and competing websites over the past 25 years.

According to the report, Facebook started by emphasising “Transparency” as the important part of Facebook. The goal of the report is as follows:

“To provide clarity around what people see in their Facebook News Feed, the different content types that appear in their Feed and the most-viewed domains, links, Pages and posts on the platform during the quarter.”

Here are some general takeaways:

  • The content that’s seen by the most people isn’t necessarily the content that also gets the most engagement. Read more about how engagement — the likes, shares, and comments a Page or post generates — doesn’t equate to its reach, the number of people who actually see it.
  • The majority (57%) of posts that people see is from their family and friends, in line with changes we made in the past so that content from friends and family makes up a larger portion of News Feed.
Posts From Friends and People Followed Posts from Groups joined Posts from Pages followed Unconnected Posts Other Grand Total
post with a link 2.30% 1.00% 6.60% 2.80% 0.20% 12.90%
post with no links 54.60% 18.20% 7.70% 5.20% 1.30% 87.10%
Grand Total 57.00% 19.30% 14.30% 8.00% 1.50% 100%
  • Fewer than 13% of content views were on posts with links, and the top-viewed news domains account for only 0.31% of all content views in News Feed. Of those outlets, mainstream media dominate by views. We’ve explained before why only a small portion of News Feed is news.
  • This report sheds light on the kinds of posts and Pages that are actually the most widely viewed — with many of the most-viewed Pages focused on sharing content about petscookingfamily, and relatable viral content.

Most viewed domains

Facebook’s report provided a list of the top 20 domains by content views.

  1. (181.3M views)
  2. (134.6M views)
  3. (134.4M views)
  4. (124.8M views)
  5. (116.1M views)
  6. (115.6M views)
  7. (110.7M)
  8. (93.0M)
  9. (89.9M)
  10. (88.1M)
  11. (87.9M)
  12. (86.5M)
  13. (85.8M)
  14. (85.5M)
  15. (83.1M)
  16. (82.8M)
  17. (78.6M)
  18. (78.4M)
  19. (77.1M)
  20. (76.9M)

Most viewed links

Facebook’s report has a list of the top 20 links.

Rank URL Content Viewers
1 87.2M
2 72.1M
3 62.7M
4 58.9M
5 51.6M
6 51.0M
7 49.1M
8 48.2M
9 44.3M
10 44.2M
11 42.1M
12 42.0M
13 41.5M
14 37.4M
15 37.0M
16 36.3M
17 34.9M
18 33.9M
19 33.6M
20 31.4M


Most viewed pages

Rank Page Link Page Name Content Viewers
1 Unicef 153.2M
2 Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 112.3M
3 Sassy Media 109.5M
4 The Dodo 104.5M
5 LADbible 104.4M
6 Woof Woof 104.1M
7 A Woman’s Soul 98.3M
8 3am Thoughts 92.1M
9 Lori Foster 89.5M
10 World Health Organization (WHO) 88.9M
11 This Old Gal 88.6M
12 Daily Mail 88.4M
13 88.3M
14 UNILAD 87.6M
15 Chris Jacke 87.4M
16 Chris Perry 87.0M
17 96.9 The Eagle KKGL 85.7M
18 Avant 85.2M
19 The Typical Mom 85.0M
20 Sun Gazing 82.0M


Most viewed posts

Facebook’s report also posted the top 20 posts from the past quarter.

Pages with the most view do not imply that they have the most followers.

In some cases, it was noted that pages with over 50 million views only has slightly over 100k followers.

FB News Room

FB Q2 2021 Most Widely Viewed.PDF

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