Make Money with OnlyFans.Com is the social platform revolutionizing creator and fan connections. The site is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase. Current Ranking: 368 Unlike other social platforms, OnlyFans is welcoming of all creator genres and their content. The platform is designed to optimize creator engagement. When a creator posts, over 60% of their fans see and interact with the content. Over 80% of [...]

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Connecting Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics to Google Search Console

Google Analytics 4 will be replacing the legacy Universal Analytics in future. However, it is currently not possible to link Google Analytics 4 directly to Google Search Console. So there is a workaround as follows: Create Both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics Properties If this is a new site or if you are setting up a new tracking property from scratch, then proceed to setup a Universal Analytics property first. Go to <Admin> (bottom left corner) to access your [...]

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Paypal Accepts Cryptocurrency for Buying, Selling and Holding

Good news, you can now buy, sell and hold crytocurrency in Paypal. You can choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash Below are information obtained from Paypal. Secure with PayPal Just like with other payment options, PayPal provide fraud protection and PayPal Purchase Protection on eligible purchases from millions of online stores where PayPal is accepted. Checking out with crypto is a taxable transaction Because it’s an asset, it will first be sold whenever you checkout with crypto and [...]

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Most Viewed Content On Facebook

It is interesting to see how the internet landscape has been changing over the past 25 years. New top sites arised every few years while some former top sites almost appear to have been forgotten. Perhaps they still serve the same or more internet traffic, however, there has also been a significant increase in internet users and competing websites over the past 25 years. According to the report, Facebook started by emphasising "Transparency" as the important part of Facebook. The [...]

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List of Digital Goods That Sell or Make Money

Why should anyone consider selling virtual, digital goods? Selling digital goods have many advantages over tangible goods. In general, they do not have issues such as inventory control, expiry dates, shipping and returns, or unexpected damages, warranty issues, etc. They will never get lost as they are saved in the buyer's account, or stored in their mobile phone or computer. The following lists should be self-explanatory which require much explanation. If you do need explanation, then please search Google for [...]

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Weird Ideas That Make Money

The following are curated information about how others find weird ways to get rich in the past. It may not work anymore, but who knows? MILLION DOLLAR HOME PAGE Some of you can recall in 2005, a student called Alex Tew made $1 million dollars from the a single webpage selling pixels for $1 each. There are one million pixels to sell, arranged in a 1,000 x 1,000 pixel square pixel grid, and they are sold at block 100 pixels. [...]

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Is Dropshipping Still a Profitable Business Idea?

The question whether if dropshipping is still profitable business in 2020 and beyond, depends on how it is done. First let's see the following feedback from a reader's post: High Cost For Training and Courses Internet marketers have make dropshipping look like a get-rich-quick internet marketing scheme. Many people have been attracted by the easy startup and successful photos. In reality, many have wasted a lot of money on dropshipping training courses and workshops, and the return on their initial [...]

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How To Improve Search Ranking Without Backlinks?

Everybody knows internet is all about traffic, and SEO helps to drive traffic to your website and better search engine ranking. Is it still necessary to depend on back links from "authoritative" websites in order to rank well in search engine ranking? The use of backlinks has been necessary in the past for a website to be taken seriously in search ranking. Even though content is still important, new websites will be ranked lower regardless even if you have a [...]

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