Beeple Sold Animated Video Clip for $6.6million

Its unbelievable, when someone told you that a 2.6MB animation is worth $6.6million. This is the new NFT. But what is NFT? It is called Non-Fungible Token, which is part of the Ethereum blockchain (Cryptocurrency). Unlike the normal Ethereum coins which are just "coins", NFTs are designed to store additional information which makes them unique and valuable. After reading the explanations 10 times, the only thing we can understand one thing: This is a means for digitial artist to design [...]

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A 1909 Sports Card Sold for $6.6 Million

The T206 Honus Wagner sports card sold for $6.6 million in an online auction with 26 bidders. It appears that the final bid was more than $1million higher than the second last bid. Whoever won this watch is wanted it very badly. According to Forbes, The card, which was issued by the American Tobacco Co. between 1909 and 1911 as part of what is now known as the T206 series of baseball cards, has a long history as baseball’s most [...]

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Most Expensive Watch In 2021 Sold At $7.63 Million

A Collected Man sold an Philippe Dufour Grande et Petite Sonnerie watch for US$7.63 million within a day. According to the site: The present example is part of the highly restricted series of watches. According to ACM, “only eight examples have ever been made, with this one being the third to leave the watchmaker’s workshop, and unique in its configuration. Completed in 1995, it was first delivered to the Sultan of Brunei.” The Grande et Petite Sonnerie Wristwatch is also [...]

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